Children sue police for wrongful death of their father


The children of Tommy Yancy, Jr.,  overseen by their mother has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit.

They are suing the California Highway Patrol, Imperial County Sheriff’s Department and Imperial Police Department.

“They will no longer have a dad for the rest of their life and so they are bringing a case really seeking the loss of their love, companionship and as well as the economic support that they’ve now lost,” attorney David Fox said.

CHP pulled over Yancy in Imperial because he was missing front plates on his car.

A witness took this video surrounding the incident.


“Mr. Yancy was not being aggressive and two that the cops after releasing a canine on him beat him tazed him and as we know now ultimately broke his neck,” Fox said.

The incident happened on Mothers Day last year.

Fox says there is still no incident report from CHP which they’ve requested.

The coroner’s report says he died from agitated behavior due to marijuana intake.


“They also note in the Coroner’s report that he also hioyed bone fracture which is essentially a bone in your neck that was broken by the police officer,” Fox said.

The lawsuit is filed in federal court alleging civil rights violations and wrongful death.


“There was another case a few years ago with Imperial Police where it was another situation involving a person named Bubba Guiterrez.  He was unfortunately killed with an altercation with Imperial Police,” Fox said.

We called CHP who initially pulled Yancy over.  They weren’t available for comment.



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