Christmas in July revives spirit of giving early

IMPERIAL, Calif. – What’s there to do in the middle of summer?

Moose Lodge member Angie Nelson said it was Christmas shopping, of course!

“We do it in July because it’s nice and hot and it’s really something fun to do,” Nelson said.

It’s the 4th Annual Christmas in July sale held at Imperial’s Moose Lodge on Saturday.

It’s a fundraiser for children activities later in the year.

“Christmas time we have Santa Claus and gifts for all the children and everything,” Nelson said.

Over 20 local vendors selling arts and crafts participate.

“These are all local vendors, these are all local people showing their talents and their skills,” Nelson said.

It gives shoppers a head-start for the Christmas season.

“I’ve already seen people shopping; I need three for this and three for this person,” Nelson said.

She said that over 200 shoppers will visit.

“They can cool off, they can shop, they can have something to drink and visit.”

Hundreds of items that would make great Christmas and year-round gifts.

“Homemade gifts, homemade items. Things you don’t see in the stores,” a shopper said.

“It’s always good to shop early,” Francis Quezada said.

One vendor’s bottle cap magnets were inspired by environmental responsibility.

“Recycling. I hate to throw things away so I thought, I like magnets,” Patty Keaton said.

Kimberly Singer says her wood works can break out a smile in people.

“I always like to get a laugh out of people, so I make sure that it’s something funny and eye-catching,” Singer said.

And giving should be a year-round activity, according to her.

“Summer, winter, spring,” Singer concluded.

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