Chuck Aaron, Red Bull helicopter pilot

Red Bull gives you wings.
And for Chuck Aaron, it makes you loop, roll and vertical climb.
Chuck Aaron is the only pilot licensed by the FAA to perform aerobatics in a helicopter in the United States.
Aaron said, “There’s a group of guys that do the same thing I do for Red Bull, I started it, they do all of Europe and i do everything else.”
But how does one become an aerobatic helicopter pilot?
Aaron said,  “The owner of Red bull asked me if I could do aerobatics in a helicopter and I said no, you can’t do aerobatics in a helicopter.”
Aaron held onto that idea and came up with a plan to make it happen.
Once he got the FAA approval, the sky was the limit.
“Then this thing hit me, I have to actually go out there and do it, it’s like standing at the end of a diving board and the sharks are down there.”
Aaron performs all across the country, he does up to 30 air shows a year.
Aaron said, “I don’t think about the people on the ground watching me, I  don’t actually look at the crowd until he’s finished with his air show.”
The show lasts five minutes.
“But it’s 5 minutes of being upside down.” Aaron said.
Aaron says he’s been able to do things that most people didn’t think could be done.
Aaron’s advice for all you dreamers out there,”If you have a personal passion to do something, do it.”
The Yuma Air Show is one of a kind, the only one in all of Arizona this year.
We were able to witness the Misty Blues, all women sky diving team in action.
The Misty Blues say the high they get from jumping makes them want to do it over and over again.
And MCAS Yuma brought back the F35, which was a huge hit last year, being the most advanced weapon system in all of the United State’s arsonal.
Captain Jonathan Thompson says, “I grew up watching Top Gun and thought I would never do that, and than I am doing just that. In all reality its an honor to be part of the program its an honor to serve my country.”

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