City Council votes yes, on passing sales tax ordinance for November ballot

YUMA, Ariz. – The city council passed an ordinance that would allow voters to decide on a city sales tax to point 3 percent.

The council decided to pass the ordinance.

Mayor Nicholls said, “Tonight we approved an ordinance that will be on the November ballot.”

Nicholls explains to us where the money will go towards.

He adds, “They will only be used for public safety or roads. They’re for transportation projects so we can add some additional funds into those two areas to address some pretty significant needs.”

One local resident says he’s for the tax increase if it’s helping the community be a safer place.

Yuma resident, David Westhoff is for the sales tax.

Westhoff said, “My daughter just started driving on the 24th, so I worry about it every time she gets out there. So I tell her, watch out for the potholes. So it’s very important that there’s safe roads for her to drive.”

One Yuma resident said, “It wouldn’t bother me a little increase. As long as it helps people and myself too.”

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