Clinton makes historic visit to El Centro

EL CENTRO, Calif. – The democratic front runner presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned in the Imperial Valley.

Thursday afternoon was Clinton’s first-ever visit to the area. Several residents shared what they thought of Clinton’s candidacy.

“I think we’ve come a long ways on Obama’s policies and she’s going to be able to continue,” Brawley resident Brenda Hailey said.

Another resident we talked to says she likes how Clinton focuses on minority groups.

“Done so much for minorities, especially for Latino women,” said Aida Contreras of Imperial.

In Clinton’s speech she also talked about education, which according to some residents should be a priority.

“That’s imperative for us, for all, for everybody, but for minorities and women especially,” Contreras said.

Another supporter says she’s a long-time Clinton supporter.

“I will do the same thing for Hillary Clinton and I will vote for her,” El Centro resident Hortencia Ruiz said.

But she also pointed out the candidate’s experience in government.

“The secretary of state, a senator in New York, she has a lot of experience,” Ruiz said.

Clinton also touched on adding jobs to the local economy. Currently the unemployment rate in El Centro is more than 19 percent according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Another supporter said he likes that Hillary’s campaign is one of unity and not hate.

“Get the racism that’s been brought up and everything and try to bring back down,” Steve Escalante said.

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