Colorado River may have less water in the future

YUMA, Ariz.- Today the Colorado River forum was held today to talk about the possible future for water supplied to Yuma and other areas through the Colorado River. The study says that if not prevented, the Colorado River may have less water in the future creating an imbalance for supply and demand.

The study began in December, 2012 and covered many aspects of where the river water is supplied. The study also looked 50 years forward taking into account projected supply and demand for the upcoming years. The results say that there will possibly be an imbalance in the future.

Pam Adams a hydrologist with the Bureau of Reclamation in the Lower Colorado region spoke about the concern of the Colorado River today at the forum. She says their is no simple solution for the problem. “We looked at a series of options and strategies to help reduce that amount and what we learned is there is no single answer to solving the imbalances in the Colorado River.” Adams says it’s going to take a group effort, “It will take activities and actions throughout the basin. It will take everyone to help solve any future imbalances.”

There is no need to worry now, but if we don’t take precautions now, it could create a problem in the future.

The next step is to look at specific areas to find out what actions need to be done.

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