Commissioner Andy Tobin talks water improvements in Tacna

YUMA, Ariz. – Arizona Commissioner Andy Tobin held a business session with several water professionals from across the state to talk about the water system and how to improve the Tacna area where many people don’t have water.

Yuma County District 3 Supervisor, Russ Clark said Tobin knows what he’s doing and sees what areas need to be improved.

Tobin said, “He came to Yuma when Citrus Park failed and saw how packed it was and said this is perfect. Let’s prove to them that it can be done.”

During the meeting in downtown Phoenix Friday, they discussed setting up new programs and policies for the water systems.

Tobin adds, “It’s exciting for me to see that we’re working through things to see what the possibilities are versus the way we’ve always done it.”

Clark adds it’s important to get moving and take action on important issues that affect many people in the Desert Southwest.

“I think we can get better service to our constituents and better service to the people in need and then once these systems are fixed we never have to mess with them again. They’ll have ownership and they’ll have to keep it maintained. Then they’re off the rolls of problems. And that’s where we need to be as a state. We need to get them all cleaned up and nobody’s taken by the horns like Commissioner Tobin and he’s using us as a test case and saying, Yuma County, let’s see you guys get this done,” said Clark.

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