Congressman Paul Gosar talks to young professionals Thursday

YUMA, Ariz. – District 4 Congressman Paul Gosar was in Yuma County Thursday to meet with San Luis mayor and other local officials.

Gosar said it’s a great time to get reacquainted with Yuma and the surrounding area. He said his plans are to have a conversation about infrastructure, budgets and transportation.

NEXGEN hosted a mixer for young professionals to network with local leaders and Thursday they got to chat with Paul Gosar.

Gosar went to NEXGEN to hear what the young professionals of our community had to say. “I wanna listen, too many times the federal government tells us things.”

Gosar said, “This is huge to Arizona’s economy whether it be agriculture or tourism, it’s the trade route to Arizona and Mexico.”

Gosar wants to help young professionals see their potential to help a community.

Gosar said, “Engaging them, why aren’t you engaged? You can change the trajectory of your future.”

Matt Molenar, President of NEXGEN, hopes to hear how Gosar balances everything.

NEXGEN begin with Yuma’s Greater Economic Development, and five years ago Molenar took it over and has been fronting it ever since.

Molenar said, “I’m interested in hearing how he balances being a business owner in Prescott, family man, as well as a being a congressman, how can you balance those three things. I think as young professionals we are all trying to balance those things and I want feedback on that.”

Gosar said, “When people feel like they are being listened to, that’s what makes America great.”

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