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HOLTVILLE, Calif.- The city of Holtville hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning for the two bridges installed connecting the Alamo River Trail, which will make it easier for people to enjoy the trail. Visitors and residents will be able to walk along the trail from the existing pedestrian sidewalk on Fourth street and exit on the Highway 115 sidewalk. This project has been in the works for quite some years and today it was officially completed. Pete Mellinger, Holtville City Treasurer and longtime Planning Commissioner say although he didn’t think it would take so long to finish the project, he is glad to see it complete. Jim Hayton says he visits the trail often to take his dog for a walk.

“I think it’s great, I think Holtville needed some amenities and something for people to have some kind of physical activities” said Hayton.

Holtville City Manager, Nick Wells says several state and federal grants helped fund this project. Wells says although there are still a few more minor things they’d like to add, he is excited to see how people will be using the trail.

“Just for the general citizens to have a place to take a walk and kind of walk through some natural surroundings is a good deal for Holtville” said Wells.

The Alamo River Trail gives visitors a good glimpse of the old railway and its surroundings.  People can ride their bicycles along the pathway as well as sit down and enjoy the view.  Some local high school race teams have already made use of the new bridges.

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