Construction revamps neighborhoods in the city of Yuma

If you noticed around town, there is construction happening around the community to revamp neighborhoods and meet the hospital’s needs.

Mayor Doug Nicholls said, “They are on the way either in the ground or on the way up; it’s moving forward very fast.”

On the corner of Avenue ‘B’ and 8th street, a Wal-Mart neighborhood marketplace is popping up.

Nicholls said, “It’s a great location; it’s an under-served area of our city and it’s an area that’s really in need of some redevelopment.”

Nicholls says the Wal-Mart and other businesses going in will help revamp the neighborhood.

Nicholls said, “Reinvigorate the area, modernize it, raise property value, it’ll be a good benefit to 8th street and avenue ‘B’.”

And as the only hospital in Yuma County, Mayor Nicholls says there is a dramatic need for improvements to Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Nicholls said, “There are a hundred million dollar improvements to the whole complex incredible expansion.”

The emergency room is being rebuilt, as well as the rest of the tower.

Nicholls said, “Rebuilding the emergency room, there’s a lot of stuff happening at the hospital, that will serve our community for the next 50 years.”

And that’s not all, a brand new Hobby Lobby is the newest addition to the Las Pamillas shopping center.

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