Convoy stops in Yuma for 95th anniversary

Convoy stops in Yuma for 95th anniversary

YUMA, Ariz. – The Army convoy is apart of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s 95th anniversary. The convoy began in 1920 and this year they’re tracing that very same route. The convoy began in Washington D.C. months ago, it’s going to end in San Diego, California. That trip is 3,300 miles and takes 116 days.

American Legion Post 19 Bob Carey Senior Vice Commander said, “It’d be great to see all these old military vehicles the group started in 1978 and they’re all over the world and they preserve military vehicles new and old kids can come and see history reading and telling people about it touch is nothing like being able to touch it.”

About 70 vehicles out on the road Thursday. They range from the historic WWII-era to those just released from the U.S. armed forces inventories. Also some privately owned hummers, jeeps and large cargo trucks.

According to the release, the convoy represents “America’s longest veterans’ parade, honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans of all generations.”

Yuma County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Courtis said he hopes to hear a few things Thursday tonight from
Congressman Gosar who will speak at the event.

Courtis said he wants to hear, “How he hopes funds back for veterans, veterans care, getting back the care, letting our legislatures know we can love on our veterans all we want. Lets show them the money and take care of them, we sent them into harms way, lets take care of them when they come home.”

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