Copper wire theft on the rise in Imperial Valley


Copper wire theft is continuing to increase in the Imperial Valley. The crooks usually break into houses and steal the copper wiring inside then sell it to make some quick cash.

It may not seem like that big of a crime but according to the Department of Energy, they estimate that copper theft is responsible for one billion dollars worth of of damage every year.

On Monday at around 11 a.m. Imperial Irrigation District noticed that their power at the abandoned El Centro library was shut off. When IID investigated, they noticed that both locks leading to the power room were broken. After entering the rooms, they noticed 41 feet of copper wire was stolen.

This has not been the first time copper thieves have stolen wire from various places around the Imperial Valley.

Robert Schettler the communications specialist for IID says they are offering a cash reward for people who can give them information on the thieves. The number is 800-303-7756

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