Councilmember speaks out about primary election results

Councilmember speaks out about primary election results

YUMA, Ariz- The primary elections took place Tuesday where there were three candidates that Councilmember Thomas talks about what he’d like to get done for this upcoming year which includes a meet with the Governor to discuss state budget.

Thomas said, “Talking with the Governor whether that be face to face it doesn’t really matter to me. We do need to get face-time there and stress the importance of the state not bouncing on a budget on the backs of the city.”

Councilmember Shelton says he wants to pay attention to Yuma’s unemployment rate.

Councilmember Shelton said, “I’m hoping that we will play close attention to our unemployment issue. The last headline we saw it was 26 percent unemployment rate in Yuma. I would hope that we’d find a way to address that.”

Thomas says he’s most looking forward to seeing more local businesses come to the desert southwest.

Thomas says, “I look forward to more business coming to our city and the quality of life not only maintaining but improving. And my hope is they’ll see the sense of the council working together to do what’s good for our city.”

Councilmembers Shelton said, “I think some of those things would be in communication with the projects we’re doing. Working hard to keep our taxes where they’re at or lower and soon to be available and present whenever people need us to explain issues to come for the city.”


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