Court hearing for man accused of murdering local high school student

YUMA, Ariz. – The man accused of murdering a Yuma high school student faced a judge today. Police say 18-year-old Christopher Carreno fired multiple shots into a vehicle on 17th avenue back in January injuring 15-year-old Victor Sanchez who later died in a Phoenix hospital. Carreno is facing 34 felony charges including first degree murder. Prosecutors asked for a $1 million bond saying Carreno poses a high risk of fleeing. The defense objected saying the bond request was unreasonable and punitive. The judge settled the matter calling for a $2 million surety bond.

Carreno is set to reappear in court on Wednesday, September 7th, at 1 p.m.

The judge denied KYMA/KSWT/KECY’S request to record the hearing and sustained the defense’s objections that the media’s videotaping would be prejudiced against Carreno.

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