Cross-border drug tunnel

CALEXICO, Calif.- A big discovery in the city of Calexico, after officials found a drug tunnel. BORSTAR, the Border Patrol search and rescue team found the drug tunnel early Monday.

El Centro Border Patrol Agent and Public Affairs representative Eduardo Jacobo says, the discovery of the cross-border tunnel came two days after the capture of a person wearing a wet suit near the All American Canal. The man was carrying about sixty-nine pounds of narcotics. During the arrest agents found scuba diving equipment and twenty five sealed packages of meth. BORSTAR agents returned to search for narcotics that may have been left behind, and it was then that they found the drug tunnel.

“The tunnel was found approximately four miles east of the downtown port of entry right by the All American Canal” Jacobo said.

Border Patrol officials say nothing was found inside the underpass. Officials did say that the tunnel had ventilation and electricity.

“In some areas it was three by three and in some other areas as you crawled through there it became a four by four area” said Jacobo.

The drug tunnel led from a Mexicali home located on the south side of colon street where Mexican soldiers and Federal Police continue to secure the area. Officials say this is the first drug tunnel they find this year. The arrest and tunnel continue under investigation by U.S Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security. The Mexican agencies involved are SEDENA, Mexicali Municipal Police and Federal Police. Jacobo says the second action will be to assess the tunnel and fill it up with concrete to make it useless.

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