Crossroads Mission in need of water, milk and eggs this summer

Crossroads Mission in need of water, milk and eggs this summer

YUMA, Ariz. – Crossroads Mission is asking the community for their help in donating water, milk and eggs this summer.

Executive Director, Myra Garlit with Crossroads Mission said, “Today we took water out to the parks and sandwiches to people who were just kind of  sitting around. And it would be dreadful and unthinkable if someone died out here in the heat and this is probably the worst heat wave we’ve had in several years.”

She mentions many people don’t realize that the homeless don’t always have a faucet to go to if they’re thirsty.

“Sometimes it’s pretty tough because people think that the homeless shouldn’t have bottled water and they should just get water out of a faucet. But they’re not always around a faucet,” said Garlit.

The homeless can also get water at their second chance thrift store. Crossroads Mission want’s people to know that they’re also a cooling station.

Garlit adds, “We’re an official cooling station too in Yuma County and folks can come into either one of our shelters. The family shelter or the men’s shelter and cool off and we’ll give them water or snacks.”

If you’d like to donate to you can contact Crossroads Mission at (928) 783-9362.

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