Democratic candidates vying for Yuma County District 5 Supervisor

YUMA, Ariz. – There are four candidates vying for Yuma County District 5 Supervisor, and two of those candidates identify with the Democratic party.

Norma Nelson is one of the Democratic candidates, and guiding Yuma’s youth is at the top of her priority list.

“I am very strong and sensitive to the needs of our youth,” shares Nelson. “If you keep up with the youth in Yuma, you’ll see there’s no resources for them, and the choices that they’re making are not really healthy choices. We need to redirect our attention back to our youth.”

Lynne Pancrazi is the second Democratic candidate, and she is currently a member of the Arizona Senate representing District 4. One of her focuses is preventing land encroachment on military bases in Yuma.

“We have a fund at the state level that helps buy up land around our military bases,” states Pancrazi. “I would work with our legislators to make sure that the fund stays fully funded and that the fund is used here in Yuma County to make sure that we don’t encroach on MCAS and YPG.”

In addition to introducing their proposed policies for Yuma county, both candidates explained how their current and past positions with Arizona and Yuma have prepared them for the role.

“Having been in legislature for the last 10 years, I have those connections at the state level,” explains Pancrazi. “I know the people up there and I know the agencies.”

“My sensitivity is to the youth in our community,” stresses Nelson. I am a school counselor at this point in time. I also believe in supporting our law enforcement as a former peace officer.”

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