Decision 2015: Edward Thomas

In preparation of the Yuma City Council primary elections we are getting to know each candidate.
Edward C. Thomas is one of the 3 people on the ballot for the elections.
He is currently serving as the Deputy Mayor of Yuma.
“I had never considered it, so I started attending council meetings, went to the neighborhood leadership academy so I could start understanding the workings of the city. And what’s so interesting is that when you’re on the outside looking in, the city is so bad. It’s doing all kinds of things. Oh you can make it better, but once you’re on the council and you’re working with city staff, you see how the city, as an entity, is working to actually do good things for the city. Their actually very hard working people just like you and I.”
Thomas also says being deputy mayor since the beginning of 2015 has really helped him see things from a different perspective.
“It widens your view. So when you’re on the council then you’re working among 7, so it’s a team effort. But it’s not so much to where it’s my way or the highway. So you need to get a majority and you have to work together.  I think that’s one of the things with my background experience on the Marine Corps and now being on the council…you learn to work together.”
If re-elected, Thomas hopes to work on a number of issues he thinks are crucial to city development.
“My first priority is to continue to work with the mayor and the council concerning our HERF money. That’s very important to us. I’m sure you driven around, seen our roads. So if we can go back up there and talk to the governor discuss things with him. When can we get our HERF money, and how much can we get and stretch the importance of that…HERF is a highway user revenue fund. Basically what that is is when you pay gas- part of that goes to that fund, so then the state takes that money and gives it to the cities and counties throughout the state.
If Thomas gets a seat on the council in 2015, he has high hopes for the city of Yuma.
“I can continue to work with the mayor, to get our HERF money and represent our city well. Also, to be a part of the solution as we move forward. I want to see us prosper.”

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