Decision 2015: Jacob Miller

There are 3 seats open on the Yuma City Council and 7 candidates are running for those seats in the upcoming primary elections.

In today’s election coverage profile, we spoke with Jacob Miller who has been a member of the Yuma Planning and Zoning Commission for the past year.
“With all the different cases that I’ve looked over the last year, its enabled me to understand what the city council has to do and the questions to ask so that we make the right decisions.”
Miller’s priorities involve looking towards to future of economic development and what will be best for the city of Yuma.
“We’re not gonna be able to sustain where we’re at or to become any better for our children or grandchildren, unless we continue to grow as a city. The economic development is a key issue that us as city being more attractive and business friendly. So we can attract new base industries that are going to create jobs and bring new money into Yuma.”
Since a lot of people have been wondering if the city council will create jobs, Miller broke things down by explaining the duties of the council. He says the city government cannot create jobs. They have to look at what will be beneficial to the businesses that will actually create more jobs.
“We have to give incentives, we have to look out for the best interest of the city, because these new business are going to bring more taxes, new people and are also going to bring new money. That’s what’s going to grow Yuma. That’s what’s going to help us to facilitate the private sector to create jobs.”
Miller says his life work has consisted of serving people, and if elected, he plans on doing just that.
“My life outside of work and city politics has always been serving people. I’ve served in ministry for the last 16 almost 17 years. Directly helping people with their lives, helping people with different issues that they come through. So I want to serve the people of Yuma I want to serve the city of Yuma, and the citizenry so I can help them to get their voices heard.”

The primary elections will be held August 25, 2015.


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