Decision 2015: Mike Shelton

The Yuma City Council primary elections will be held on August 25. On the ballot are Edward Thomas, Jacob Miller, and Mike Shelton.

Write-in candidates include Kim Hamersley, Stephen Madrill, Raul Mendoza, and Marilyn Young.

In today’s election coverage profile, we ask Mike Shelton what he thinks has prepared him to take a seat on the city council.

“My heart has really been in this community. Working various capacities, formal and informal. I love this community and I want this community to have someone as positive as it is.”

As far as his agenda goes, if he’s elected, Shelton thinks the council has made mistakes in the past and hopes to follow through with a different approach.

“My first priority is going to be to expand public involvement and public information for the city …we had the conversion of Desert Sun Stadium without public input and without public info, until it was done. We are now doing the Pacific Athletic Complex with very little public information. Those are things that need to remedied.”
When asked why he thinks he should be elected, Shelton says, “I’ve been involved in many capacities. I love this place and I want to contribute my full weight, my full knowledge, my full experience on behalf of the success of our residence and our businesses.”
He added that he feels he’s had a hands-on experience in Yuma. He’s been an active member of the community since 1991.
“I dealt with thousands of citizen complaint calls and most of them resolve to the interest of the citizens. I went out to the neighborhood and met with the citizens and the issues they had.”
A public coordinator for the city of Yuma says the Yuma Recorder’s office has already received 2,000 ballots back. Candidates may be elected to office in the primary if they receive 50% plus one vote, among ballots cast.

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