Decluttering tips, for the New Year

YUMA, Ariz.- Now, that the holidays are over many people in the desert southwest need to pay-off debt from gifts. Alma Reyes says she has some answers to helping pay-off debt.

“Keep, throw away, give away/yard sale, craigslist, or just give away to someone you know that could really use it,” said Alma Reyes.

1. Decluttering your house.

2. Selling unused items could be a great way to pay-off holiday debt.

3. Giving away unused items to charity.

“So actually the things you are storing one day when I fill in the blank someone else, someone else can use it right now, so hopefully you can sift through your closet and see what you can give away,” said Reyes.

“Maybe some of you have gained a little weight over the holidays and say I am going to keep that and it has been five years ago since you said that. Its time to give it away to someone that can actually use it,” said Reyes.

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