Displaced residents move home

IMPERIAL, Calif. – There’s more work to be done on a couple of the houses that was impacted by the jet crash, but one family is very glad their home is all fixed up.

Six months ago this was the scene when a Harrier jet crashed into this neighborhood in Imperial. This was taken by a viewer who lived nearby.

Six months later slowly but surely recovering.

This house is the first that has been repaired… and one family member very glad.

“It has been really frustrating, I guess going out of routine and having to move all your stuff to different houses,” Brianna Hernandez said.

But while it may have been frustrating for her family she’s thankful no one got hurt.

“Definitely hauling all your stuff was a tedious process over there and all of that but I guess that was the least of our worries because we’re all OK,” Hernandez said.

Their house suffered the least amount of damage.

The crash damaged the side of the house… the garage and the backyard.

“I don’t even know the words for it. Who can say that the jet lands on their house. I mean that’s really crazy and just like the thought of that blows my mind still when I think about it,” Hernandez said.

There’s no place like home… she and her family are glad to be home in time for Christmas.

“Happy. I’m happy to be home,” Hernandez said.

It’s not certain when the other families will be able to move back into their homes.

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