Domestic disturbance calls can be the most dangerous for police

EL CENTRO, Calif. – Expecting the unexpected and police work go hand-in-hand. Westmorland Police Officer Luis Aguilar can attest to that. He says one of the most dangerous situations stems from a domestic disturbance call when people are at their most heated.

“Our calls are always dangerous, especially domestics. You never know what’s going to occur. It can go easily from verbal altercations to getting physical at a moments notice,” Aguilar says.

Just this week Westmorland police responded to such an incident when twenty-five year old Joseph Salazar resisted arrest in his Westmoreland home. Police claim Salazar was intoxicated and arguing with his family – then threatened officers. It took four officers to restrain him.

“The subject became extremely combative at that point. During the course of this altercation one of the officers was struck,” Aguilar says.

A recent Federal Bureau of Investigation database reports an average of 21 officers are killed in domestic disturbance calls each year. Last year officer Aguilar became almost part of that statistic when was hurt seriously during a domestic dispute call.
A case still under investigation.

“They are the most dangerous calls that we go on because of the fact that you’re dealing with people at their most emotional and stressful times. You’re dealing with people that can either be intoxicated, fighting with their wives, girlfriends and you’re catching them at their worst moments,” Aguilar says.

Just like everyone, police say in moments of fear – family is at the forefront.

“At the end of the day we all want to go home to our families.”

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