Donald Trump continues soar in polls

Donald Trump continues soar in polls

YUMA, Ariz- The Trump campaign is a phenomenon rarely seen in presidential politics, boosted by Donald Trumps celebrity status, direct approach to his party rivals, and unfiltered self-promotion.

News websites have relentlessly covered every trump tweet, outburst, and interview. Almost every single presidential candidate; Republican and Democrat- Has either been willing or forced to respond to his statements. However, he still seems to be soaring at the polls but many Yuma residents aren’t too thrilled about the numbers.

One Yuma resident said, “I haven’t really paid that much attention to it. It seems like a big publicity stunt and it seems like he’s joking about everything whenever they ask him or interview him. Obama’s not doing too great of a job…I mean who else can we vote for, honestly?”

Trump seems to be gaining continuous support, despite a controversy over his comments questioning Senator John McCain’s status as a war hero.

One Yuma local said, “He’s made a lot of rude comments towards a lot of people. He’s spoken bad about John McCain as well and he was in the war and he said that he was no war hero. Going through what he went through I think it’s really offensive for him to say something like that to a lot of veterans. I think that it’s actually going to go down. I don’t think that he’s actually going to win.”

Yuma County Supervisor, Russ Clark believes Trumps a strong contender and it shows.

Clark said, “I think initially I was surprised when he was so strong but now that its been going on for a few weeks of course we are willing to realize that there’s something behind it.”

It’s still very early to tell whether or not Trump could win the republican nomination, however, Clark believes there’ still a strong possibility.

Clark adds, “Traditionally and if history repeats itself, the front runner is rarely still sold and in this point of the game there still so much to go on, but I don’t really amount by any means. I think there’s a lot of really well qualified candidates on the republican ticket, so I’d leave it open to anything can happen.”


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