Drug smugglers use drones to transport drugs over border

SAN LUIS, Ariz.-

Yuma Sector Border Patrol reports a trend of drug smugglers using drones to transport drugs south of the border into San Luis.

Border patrol agent Richard Withers says these smuggling methods are changing due to desperation,“they have gone from catapults to potato guns to ultra light aircraft to tunnels, vehicles and now they are using drones.” The drones being used are typically two to four feet wide and are able to carry up to 10 pounds of drugs. However in November, agents say they seized 30 pounds of marijuana that was dropped from a drone. “There were two this past November one of which had thirty pounds of marijuana that had dropped from the sky that we were able to seize.”

Smugglers control the drones by remote or GPS coordinates. Withers says most of the attempts happen in the afternoon when they cannot easily be seen. Agents encourage anyone in the San Luis area who sees suspicious drone activity to call border patrol at 1-866-999-8727. “We ask for the communities support in that they report any drone or suspected illegal activity by calling,” said Withers.




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