Ducey says Arizona same sex couples can adopt and foster children

With 17,000 children under the states care we need more adoption in Arizona, not less, Governor Ducey stated Wednesday night.
Effective immediately married same sex couples will be allowed to adopt and foster Arizona children together.
Yuma resident Halivia Mcbride, “Anyone should be able to take a love a child, it doesn’t really matter their relationship the whole same sex thing.”
We reached out to Facebook viewers and got immediate responses saying they are not happy about it, saying parents should be a man and a woman.
Another local Erika Sanders said, “Every single person regardless of sexual orientation deserves to be a parent or foster if they want to.”

Ducey and his staff learned the Arizona department of child safety had ordered its staff to halt joint foster care licenses and adoptions for same sex couples. He said all loving families should be able to serve as foster parents and adopt.

Yuma resident Alberto Martinez says, “I’m a Christian, but at the same time  I can’t tell people how to live.

Erika Sanders says, “Everybody has the heart to be a foster parent and I think if same sex couples have that heart all of our children deserve to be put in homes as well.”

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