Ducey vetoes 1 firearms bill, signs 2 others

Ducey vetoes 1 firearms bill, signs 2 others

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PHOENIX (AP) – Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed two relatively minor firearms bills and vetoed a third seen as the most far-reaching.

Ducey demonstrated his support for constitutional firearms protections by signing legislation that ensures residents can carry concealed weapons on or near school grounds as long as it’s on a public street, sidewalk or alley maintained by a municipality.

He also signed a bill that adds financial penalties for cities, towns and counties that pass firearms legislation stricter than state law.

Ducey vetoed a third bill that would have established Arizona as the first in an interstate compact to nullify and repeal any current or future law that impedes Second Amendment rights.

He called the proposal “unnecessary” and said he trusts elected leaders to make the decisions best for the state.


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