Educators from Yuma attend the MCRD workshop in San Diego

Educators from Yuma attend the MCRD workshop in San Diego

YUMA, AZ- A once in a lifetime opportunity…educators from across Denver, Phoenix and Yuma attended the educators workshop at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego California one counselor at Kofa High school said she’s grateful for this opportunity and amazed at all she’s learned about the Marine Corps.

Kofa High School Counselor, Carmen Munoz said, “For a person to understand the full picture. What’s involved why you’re in there and what are the opportunities after you get out of the military.”

Educators are greeted at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego the Drill Instructors and made to stand on the same historical yellow footprints every Marine has stood upon before entry into recruit training.

Munoz’ favorite part of the workshop was learning how to shoot with the M-16’s.

Munoz adds, “The infantry…when you get to actually shoot the weapons. That was definitely an event that I will never forget.”

Munoz recommends the workshop to any educator in the area.

Munoz said, “Anybody working in education definitely has to attend this workshop because it gives you a full picture of what these ladies and gentlemen go through.”


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