El Centro man loses money to online scam

El Centro man loses money to online scam

EL CENTRO, Calif. – A man was victim to an online scam and lost hundreds of dollars while trying to buy a truck online.

José Arturo Torres says he tried to buy a truck online. He was told by the seller to buy three money cards of $500 each and give the seller the serial numbers.

The man thought it was an eBay transaction.

The seller never contacted Torres again after they had the serial numbers. Torres contacted eBay and was told it was a scam.

El Centro resident Leonardo Siqueiroz says he knows first-hand what it’s like to be a victim of this crime.

“It happened to me once years back and I made a mistake of sending my – the down payment – whatever – with my credit card and then I found out it was not real. Luckily, through my bank, I went and complained and they gave me my money back,” Siqueiroz said.

The website scamguard.com says the number one online scam this year is the tech support scam in which somebody calls victims by phone and offers to fix their computers remotely.

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