F-35 technical glitch could ground future flights

YUMA, Ariz. – The F-35, the most advanced aircraft in the world, may be grounded from future flights after a technical glitch was found in the software.

According to members of the U.S. Naval Association a recent update to the F-35’s radar system created a software glitch that left the F-35 Joint Strike Fighters with radar resets and other software stability issues. Senator John McCain spoke to Pentagon officials in Washington Tuesday during a senate armed services committee hearing. McCain criticized the F-35 fighter jet program. 

“The F-35’s programs of record of performance have been both a scandal and a tragedy in respect to cost schedule and performance,” said McCain. 

The U.S. Senator says there was supposed to be a 1,013 of all variants of the F-35 aircraft built for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marines by the end of fiscal year 2016. However, the current number of aircraft is a lot lower.

“In reality we will only have 179,” said McCain.

He adds the cost to make the aircraft has also doubled over 15 years. The shortfall has created a problem for the different branches of military.

McCain says, “The shortfalls in all three levels have reached critical level.”

The U.S. Naval Association says Marine Corps air stations were not affected by the glitch because they did not update there software to the latest edition which the glitch was found. Lockheed Martin, the ones who designed the F-35, report they have found a solution to the technical glitch found in the aircraft. After implementing fixes to the software and flying 44 sorties and 96 flight hours, the software is showing a marked improvement.

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