F-35B now ready for deployment

YUMA, Ariz.-

Yuma is making history today. MCAS Yuma has become the first base in military history to have an operational f-35 squadron. That means these fighter jets, the worlds most advanced planes, are ready for combat.

the F-35B is a 5th generation aircraft with state-of-the-art technology, it is basically a flying computer. The most advanced aircraft in the world has radar evading stealth, unparalleled agility and can travel at speeds nearly 1,200 miles per hour making it not only is it the most advanced aircraft but also the most lethal.

the F-35B is a multi-purpose aircraft meaning it can accomplish what once required many different types of air-crafts. The F-35B will replace all other aircraft including the harrier, hornet, and prowler.

Unlike previous air-crafts, Marine Corps officials say this aircraft can take off at short distances and has vertical landing making it able to land on Marine Corps ships near front line combat zones.

More than 50 marines have been trained and qualified for the F-35B and officials say they are planning to purchase more of the aircraft

Officials also say the F-35B is the future for Marine Corps aviation and it will change the way we fight and win our wars.


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