Facebook post enrages dog lovers nationwide

YUMA, Ariz.- A woman from Daytona Beach enraged many dog lovers nationwide for posting a picture of her disciplining her dog.  Katie Brown, the woman in question, wrapped her dog’s muzzle with duct tape in order to get her dog to stop barking. Brown apparently used this as a time-out for both herself and the dog.

Susan Jean Campbell, an animal rights activists and dog rescuer for more than 30 years, says she is outraged at Brown. Campbell says there is no excuse for the abuse nor should it ever be tolerated.  She also continues to encourage others to report any abuse to law enforcement.  Campbell also says, “Get an address of where the coherence is happening you can report it on Facebook Yuma Proud pet owners or the Protection and reporting page and if you don’t want to be the spokesperson for what is happening someone will do it for you.”


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