Fans fill-up local restaurants to watch Super Bowl 50

YUMA, Ariz. – The big game, Super Bowl 50 ended with a victory for the Denver Broncos as they beat the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10.

The highly anticipated game drew in huge crowds to local restaurants and sports bars as fans wanted to support their team among other residents in the community.

“It’s like the Christmas of Football the biggest day of football”, says football fan Chad Teal.

The National Retail Federation estimates that more than 100 million people would tune in to Super Bowl 50 on CBS. Fans across the Desert Southwest filled up local restaurants and sports bars to see the game, from places like Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), Brewers Sports Bar and many others.

BWW in Yuma and Brewers Sports Bar saw hundreds of Super Bowl fans.

Busy, busy, we were expecting a big turn out and it came as you can see,” says BWW General Manger Anthony Trionfera.

Amanada Nakasawa, manger for Brewers, says they saw large crowds as well. Wings are a staple food for the Super Bowl and local businesses sold thousands of wings.

“We sold about 20,000 wings,” Trionfera said.

Nakasawa says among the thousands of wings they sold was one order of 400 wings. Many fans were excited for halftime.

“I’m excited for halftime I love Coldplay,” said a Broncos fan.

Many people were watching for the commercials while some were not a big fan of the advertisements.

“I think if you’re watching just for the commercials your not a real football fan,” says Teal.

Despite the various reasons that people tuned in, it was a great time for families to spend together.  


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