Farmers once again able to burn crops after nine days

YUMA, Ariz. – Smoke clouded the skies as farmers were once again able to burn their piled up crops. 

Rural/Metro reports 32 controlled burns on Monday in Yuma County after nine days of zero burns because of weather.

Charly McMurdie with Rural/Metro says the amount of burns was higher than average, “On the average day we only have five or six controlled burns however since they have not been able to burn in nine days we have had a huge amount of controlled burns.”

Favorable weather conditions this week could mean more controlled burns and more smoke in the air. 

“If the burn conditions stay like they did, then I think we will see another heavy burn day maybe throughout the week,” says McMurdie but also says weather is the main factor, “If winds sweep up to 10 or 15 miles an hour then that could put a damper on burns for the rest of the week.”

Yuma Regional Medical Center says with more smoke in the air those who have respiratory problems and live near the burn areas should be cautious when going outside.

Nita Hudsick a registered respiratory therapist with YRMC says, “If you absolutely must go outside and you have some type of lung disease I would recommend wearing a mask if you really need to be outside.”

Hudsick says the best thing to do is stay inside, “As with any air pollutant when it is heavy like that, what you need to remember is to stay indoors where you have the filtration systems functioning.”

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