Festival aims to educate the community

YUMA, Ariz. –  Music on Main Street took over downtown on Saturday as the Yuma Fair Housing Festival brought dozens of people out.

The event’s purpose was to educate the public on services and programs available to residents.

People had the opportunity to learn more about Head-Start, classes on budgeting, and other ways to make owning a home affordable.

Estalee Villarreal, had a booth selling corn to help raise money for the Healing Journey. “To make it as fun as possible just to give it that atmosphere with the music and everything, and to bring people to the Healing Journey, and we wanted to make it very attractive for everyone to come see,” said Estalee Villarreal.

Estrella Fitch, the founder of Healing Journey says ,”It’s not just a bunch of kids not learning anything, we have skilled programs, how to survive and teaching them boundaries.”

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