Final arguments made Wednesday in the Neil Green trial

EL CENTRO, Calif. – “He tried to put me in a headlock – got me in a headlock – started punching – he’s crazy – I think he’s dead,” were the words the jury heard coming from a recording.

Neil Green made that 911 call in July four years ago.
Authorities say twenty-nine year-old green had an argument with his sixty-two year-old father, Melvin Green.

“Picture of Neil Green in 2012 on the night that he killed his father. Here’s a picture of his dad with his face still intact,” District Attorney Marco Nunez said.

That’s when the defense attorney says the argument got violent.

“At some point this verbal argument escalated,” Defense Attorney Jill Cremeans said.

Authorities said Neil Green attacked his father.
“On the night of July 6th, Neil Green, during one of his many outbursts, bludgeoned his father’s head with an aluminum baseball bat,” Nunez said.

Melvin Green was found severely beaten.
“So many times and with so much force that his face was unrecognizable,” Nunez said.

But the defense said it was Melvin who attacked Neil and that Melvin was a violent man.
“And the headlock was such that it was cutting the circulation,” Cremeans said.

Aprel Ramkus, Melvin’s daughter, said she remembers her father differently.
“My dad has never been violent or abusive towards us at all. That is all completely false,” Ramkus said.

Sara Green, Neil’s mother, believes in her son’s innocence.
“And he is not guilty. And it was self-defense. And he’s my son,” Sara Green said.

The jury must now decide whether Neil Green is guilty of killing the man who raised him, whom he described as his best friend when testifying in the trial.
As for now his innocence or guilt is in the hands of a jury.

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