Fines will soon be issued for texting and driving in San Luis

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – The center for disease control says 9 people die every day as a result of distracted driving. The city of San Luis wants to stop those unnecessary deaths. In March they passed a citywide policy prohibiting the use of electronic devices behind the wheel. SLPD Sgt. Marco Santana says, “The city municipality passed the ordinance not only to protect our residents but other people traveling through our area”.

The San Luis Police Department says they have pulled many people over for distracted driving since March but no fines were given. Currently officers are just working to make sure the public knows  about the new rule… but on September 28th that comes to an end. Santana says, “fines will be up to 100 dollars if theres an accident they could go up to $250”.  The ordinance isn’t just limited to cars it also includes bicycles. Some residents say they are happy to see the police department taking action… “It’s good that they take phones off the road I have to be more cautious and be more  responsible ” says Santana.

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