Fire erupts in Imperial


IMPERIAL, Calif. –  The Imperial Fire is slowly burning downstream on the California side of the Colorado River and is only accessible by boat.

The western side of the fire is desert upland habitat.

The fire was caused by lightning, firefighters conducted a burnout operation and stopped the fire’s upriver movement on Saturday. There was one small spot fire on the Arizona side of the river Saturday that was extinguished. Smoke and flame will continue as vegetation continues to burn toward the south. Fire boats are on the river.

A fire line has been prepared at a narrow area near Ferguson Lake. The Meers Point Recreation Area is closed to public use to accommodate firefighting equipment. The river remains open but river users are asked to use extreme caution in the area. Firefighter and public safety continues to be the top priority.

There are currently six engines, one Type II hand crew and one Type I hand crew, three fire boats, one law enforcement boat, one helicopter, and overhead personnel totaling approximately 100 people.

Agencies involved with suppression of the fire include U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Yuma Wildland Fire crew, and several state and local agencies.

The total perimeter of the fire is currently under 100 acres.

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