Firefighters respond to out of control burn

YUMA, Ariz.- Firefighters responded to a control burn that got out of control and could be seen from miles away.

Rural/Metro fire department received the call shortly after 11:30 p.m. The fire started as a controlled burn for weeds but spread to bushes destroying one truck and a trailer. The fire was at 14th street and Atlantic Avenue in Yuma. Firefighters on scene say they were relieved the fire did not spread to the neighboring wreckage yards.

“It took awhile to put this one out,” says Rural/Metro public information officer Charly McMurdie, “The people who were doing the controlled burn called it in, had a valid permit, they were okay to burn they just had the unfortunate incident of it getting out of control.”

No one was injured and as of now the cause of the spread of the fire is unknown.

“It could have been anything that caused this for getting out of control but we just don’t know,” said McMurdie.

The owners say they were burning weeds when wind spread the flames to bushes nearby. Rural/Metro says this is the first uncontrolled fire they have had in excessive heat.

“We probably get one a month. This just happened to be a really large one,” said McMurdie.

After Rural/Metro extinguished the flames, some firefighters stayed to make sure no other fire could start. Monday was a regulated burn day meaning those who have permits are allowed to set controlled burns.

“Controlled burns are basically regulated on ADQ they are the ones who give us the go-ahead on whether or not it’s going to be a burn day or not. So if there was any chance of excessive winds they would not have given us the okay for burns,” said McMurdie.

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