Former American Idol contestant appears in court

YUMA, Ariz.-This isn’t the first time his name has been in the headlines, after his alleged relationship with Paula Abdul, the American Idol Season 2 contestant was arrested Wednesday night by the Yuma Police Department.

Former contestant Corey Clark is used to facing judges on American Idol but Thursday in Yuma County he faced a different kind of judge.Clark was brought into custody for failure to comply with a court order and aggravated harassment.

Clark faced the charges against him. Count one, failure to comply with a court order per domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Count two, aggravated harassment per domestic violence, a felony.
Clark’s wife was in the courtroom during the hearing and was represented by an Amberly’s Place advocate who addressed the court on her behalf.

According to the advocate’s statement, Clark has committed violence towards his wife in recent years.Clark said, “I am representing myself against my wife here locally. I have been at every hearing for that. My wife has violated over 300 documented times.”

From what we could see, Clark’s attorney was trying to advise him, but instead of turning to her he was addressing the judge.According to TMZ, the arrest report said Clark violated a protective order his wife had against him. He allegedly stalked his wife around town.

Clark allegedly sat outside a restaurant where she was eating dinner and stared for hours. The booking report states that no one was injured and no threats were made.

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