Free hands-on science camp for students at AWC

YUMA, Ariz- Students are getting the opportunity to get a hands-on experience at Arizona Western College’s science camp this summer.

This is a grant that was received through the Science Foundation of Arizona.

Doctor Linda Elliott-Nelson who’s the Vice President of Learning Services at AWC said, “This gives us an opportunity because this is a free science camp where teenagers can come onto our campus and spend a week with different science professors to learn about insects, and magnets, and geology and all sorts of really fun scientific type of topics.”

Nelson says there’s a waiting list for the camp but still urges students to check out other programs.

She adds, “We filled up the first day and we have a waiting list. So it’s really exciting to see that there’s this type of interest in our community because this means that we can now plan for one next summer.”

Making sure the camp was free of charge was an important part of the puzzle.

“We wanted it to be available to our community and sometimes cost can be a barrier. So this summer we decided we’re going to offer it free of charge and again we can finance it through the science foundation of Arizona which really helped,” said Nelson.

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