Free M.B.A. at Arizona State University’s business school program

Free M.B.A. at Arizona State University’s business school program

YUMA, Ariz- Arizona State’s W. P. Carey School of Business will offer its full-time M.B.A Program at no cost.

Starting next fall, the W. P. Carey School of Business plans to offer full scholarships to all incoming full-time M.B.A. students. The goal is to attract students with nontraditional backgrounds and career aims, and kick off a new business curriculum.

Dean of the W.P. Carey’s school of business, Amy Hillman says, at the heart of the decision to eliminate tuition was school leaders’ desire to change the complexion of it’s M.B.A. class.

Hillman says they believe an M.B.A. is a very valuable degree and also recognize that there are a lot of people for whom the M.B.A. is something they believe they can’t achieve due to the cost of investment.

Hillman adds, “A classic example would be an entrepreneur who has an idea to start a business and who has been saving some money to get that start up off the ground and the spend the money to put themselves through tuition of a full time M.B.A. program that’s one of the best in the country or do they save that for the start up?”

Normally the price for a two-year M.B.A. program runs from $54,000 for in-state residents to $90,000 for international students.

You can visit their homepage to learn more about the focus program at for more information.

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