Gadsden Elementary School Districts seeks $10 Million bond

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – The Gadsden Elementary School District #32 is requesting a $10 million bond that will be on the November ballot for voters approval. The districts governing board approved putting the request on the ballot at their last meeting. It is the first time the district is asking for a bond in 20 years. The money, if approved by voters, will go towards four major projects.

It will be used to add more classrooms at Ed Pastor Elementary, which district officials say was built as half a school, it needs about 15-19 more classrooms to be qualified as a complete school. Also more classrooms and a new gym would be built at Rio Colorado Elementary and the library at San Luis Middle School will be expanded. The district also says they need a new administrative building, superintendent Raymond Aguilera says they spend $100,000 a year renting their current offices and have been doing that for 16 years which he says is not the best option.

The districts Chief Financial Officer says that currently classrooms are being over crowded as some schools are to small, which he says has a negative impact on childrens education and should be a top priority to get the issues resolved. He says he is worried that a proposition, also on the November ballot, requesting a new high school to be built in Somerton may overshadow their bond request. He says the high school will not help their community at all and that residents should focus on the elementary side which desperately needs this bond.

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