Gas Prices continue to get lower across the Desert Southwest

Gas Prices continue to get lower across the Desert Southwest

YUMA, Ariz-  Gas prices keep dropping throughout the Desert Southwest, with the cheapest spot in Phoenix at just $1.38 per gallon!


So now it’s time to say goodbye to the rising prices at the gas pump, right? Many California visitors say they’re enjoying paying little money at the pump.


One California resident said, “Yes, real lower and we’re from California so it’s higher there. It used to fill our tank up in our car for $28.00 and now it’s down to 21.”

In Arizona, the statewide average for regular unleaded gasoline is $1.66 cents per gallon, down from last year’s average of $2.15 cents. Diesel users have also experienced the cheap prices, with an average price of $1.93 cents per gallon.

Tucson currently has Arizona’s lowest average gasoline price at $1.50 cents a gallon and Flagstaff the highest at $1.97 cents. One California resident who just came back from a trip to Tucson says she’d take these gas prices over California’s any day.

She adds, “We’re just in Arizona for the weekend but compared to California for sure. In California the gas prices have gotten cheaper too. I can fill up my gas tank for about 20 bucks that’s sure nice.”

According to California had the highest price at $2.45 cents per gallon.


Many people we spoke to say they’re thrilled that they can save a dime or two and can take trips to San Diego or phoenix to visit family members.

One Phoenix resident said, “Well I get to go visit my mother down in San Diego from Phoenix all for the price of less than 80 bucks.”



Around the country the cheapest gas is in Oklahoma where the price per gallon is $1.37, and we were able to find the cheapest gas in Arizona which is one cent more than the Oklahoma price at $1.38 which is at a Costco gas station located in Avondale. That’s according to

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