General planning for Saguaro Desert Land property has been approved

A change was approved Wednesday for the Saguaro Desert Land property on the corner of 9-E and 24th street. The land zoned for low density has now been pushed to medium density residential which will allow for 90 apartments or condominiums. Nearby residents aren’t happy.

Donna White, a nearby resident said, “I understood the farmer and the land owner recanted their decision to support us. They were two very important people that we wanted on our side.”

White is so passionate about how these apartments will negatively affect the neighborhood, she has started a petition.

White said, “The law doesn’t allow me to get signatures until tomorrow, so I will be out in the street tomorrow, of course hitting my social media.”

If you want to check out her Facebook page it’s called Foothills Residents Against Saguaro Apartments.

White said, “Every time we get a post there are over 1000 people reached so I’m very confident that we will qualified signatures to force this on the ballot for the city to vote on.”

A contractor has finally been chosen to rebuild the Stewart Vincent Wolfe playground.

Yuma City Administrator Ricky Rinehart said, “I think its outstanding that the counsel took action tonight to award the bid to the Yuma Valley Contractors so that we can bring back that iconic playground that was built by the community in 2007.”

The Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground was named after June Wolfe’s late husband.  Wolfe said, “Like the community, the Castle Park means so much to me. I’m thrilled to see something that means so much to me personally and the people of the community especially for the children to have that newness restored for something that people loved so much.”

They hope to have the new playground built before the anniversary of the fire. The playground was burnt down December 28th, 2014.

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