Gift of Sound

Gift of Sound

Thursday afternoon 10-year-old Ezdna Cazares’ life changed. She was finally able to fully hear the world around her.

Edzna Cazares said, “The doctor put it on my ear and I hear much better.” .

It is a huge relief for her mother. Elizabeth Cazares said, “When she was in first grade, I wasn’t letting her play outside without my supervision because we were worried she wouldn’t hear a car coming.”

Ezdna is on the honor roll at school, but still struggled to hear what her classmates and teachers were saying.

Her sister Ixchell said, “Sometimes she would miss out on stuff at school because she couldn’t hear it.”

Ezdna Cazares said, “I’m excited because I’m going to finally be able to hear and my teachers didn’t think I was paying attention when I was.” With their private insurance, they didn’t qualify for assistance. .

Elizabeth Cazares said, “My mom suggested calling Miracle Ear. It was one of the last pieces of advice she gave us before she passed away.” .

All thanks to the Miracle Ear foundation, they provided her with a hearing device for free.

Elizabeth Cazades said, “That’s one thing we’ll remember when we are giving thanks this year.”

Now she can hear everything from the birds chirping to her twin sister whispering in her ear.

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