Good samaritan saves women and children in Somerton flood

Good samaritan saves women and children in Somerton flood

YUMA, Ariz- A Somerton man is now being called a hero after saving the lives of two women and their babies while they accidentally drove into a pool of water five feet deep following Tuesday’s historical storm.

Good samaritan, Octavio Herrera says, “I started hearing like help, help. And my neighbors like hey you should go see what’s going on. And I started hearing help and I thought it was maybe like little kids. But then I started hearing the desperation, so I ran into the water and since it was kind’ve dark I couldn’t really see you know.”

And that’s when Herrera started running to their rescue. Herrera said, “The car was drowning and I had just seen two little girls screaming for their lives. They were saying help me, help me. And I was like aw snap and I just like basically ran into the water you know. And I had seen the car drowning so I just ran in there and got the girls out and the windows were down and they had the babies with them. So I just told them give me the babies you know and just jump into the water you guys will be fine.”

That’s when the woman gave the good samaritan her child and jumped out of the water. By then others standing by led a helping hand. Herrera says he ran to his house once he helped them to safety and grabbed them towels to keep warm.

But when asked if he would call himself a hero…he feels like he was just doing his duty as a human being.

Herrera said, “No I’m not a hero I’m just doing what I should’ve been doing. I’m not afraid of danger especially when it’s someone’s life is in danger.”

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