Gov. Ducey signs bill to make buying alcohol easier

YUMA, Ariz- House Bill 2031 overturns a 2014 law that made it illegal for customers over age 21 to buy alcohol using an out-of-state driver’s license issued to them when they were under age, even if it wasn’t yet expired.
General Manger Mike Fox at Prison Hill Brewing said, “We do see it on occasion. I’d say once or twice a month or something like that.”



These licenses are usually vertical instead of horizontal to highlight that the individual could be underage. But now Governor Doug Ducey has signed a bill which will change all that. You now no longer have to get a horizontal ID but rather stick with your vertical ID and use that for age and birthday verification.
Fox said, “It would probably help business. i mean turning someone away just because of an I.D.”



Many businesses have said the restriction was negatively impacting tourism revenue.



One tourist said, “What if I still had one? And they turned me down? I’d be mad!”
One man visiting from Phoenix adds, “I’m in agreement with that. Why? Why not?”
Fox said, “They think we’re making stuff up. They think we’re just being you know they don’t really agree with it they get upset but its’s state law and we follow state law.”



many Yuman’s think this could possibly get more underage kids in bars drinking.
One yuma resident said, “In a case like that it’s kind of a catch 22 because if you have the vertical then you still may have some kids that are under 21 being able to drink.”
“If it’s that important that someone is going to turn somebody down because it’s not horizontal or vertical and they wont do business with you I think that’s more of a problem” said one resident.



This bill included an emergency clause allowing it to go into effect immediately.

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