Gov. Ducey signs bill to support victim advocacy and support services

Gov. Ducey signs bill to support victim advocacy and support services

YUMA, Ariz. – House Bill 2103 renames the state’s Domestic Violence Shelter Fund to become the Domestic Violence Services Fund.

CEO and Executive Director, Estrella Fitch said, “This is really incredible that they’re going to share a little bit more of the funding.”

It allows its money to be spent on victim advocacy and support services, as well as shelters. The fund’s revenue comes from fees paid by individuals convicted of harassment, stalking or other similar offenses.

Fitch said, “I think the governor is truly advocating for. I know he did the purple campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness month and I think that our state legislatures are inclined to help our victims of domestic violence so I call them survivors because they’re still alive. But the good thing is that there’s more funding available and that helps more smaller non-profits.”

Fitch says The Healing Journey says every penny counts and goes towards those in need.

“For us the Healing Journey that is important because every dollar that we spend goes to direct services to directly for each domestic violence survivor and child abuse that we serve,” Fitch adds. 

Fitch says Yuma only has one shelter and she wouldn’t like to take the focus away from their needs but she’s happy that the governor is looking to help all groups of people.

“There’s always such limited funding to begin with and I think opening up avenues and agencies to apply there’s a plus but then again you know our shelter we only have one shelter. But you know we’ll see how it turns out. As long as the survivors are given an opportunity and the services and tools to continue their journey’s then I’m good,” said Fitch.

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