Group says “They expect the legalization of marijuana on upcoming ballot in Arizona”

YUMA. Ariz. – April 20th, 4/20, is considered by many to be national weed day, it is an unofficial holiday. The day often brings up the controversial discussion of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. So far only four states have legalized the drug for recreational purposes and at least half of the country has legalized it in some form, most often for medicinal uses. It is legal and regulated in Arizona for medical purposes but recreational use is still prohibited.

The Marijuana Policy Program is trying to get the issue put on the upcoming ballots to be voted on by the people. Carlos Alfaro, the Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Program in Arizona, says that they need a petition with 150,000 signatures to be put on a ballot. He says that already they have received thousands of phone calls from supporters and he has no doubt thatn it will be on a ballot and he says he feels it will then pass.

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